Tech Tip

Tech Tip – May 2011

wordpress / If you have a website or even just a blog, you need to be on WordPress. Their dashboard , the back end of your website/blog – what you see when you log in, is the most user friendly while at the same time virtually impossible to seriously […]

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Tech Tip – Apr 2011

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Tech Tip – Mar 2011


Facebook is a great place to interact with family, friends, and clients. However, if you talk too much about your business or show off that list you’re oh so proud of, you could end up with your account cancelled. The solution? Create a Facebook Business Page. A Business is somewhat […]

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Tech Tip – Feb 2011


QR Codes are the wave of the future. We see them on business cards, billboards, even cereal boxes. Most recently, they are making their way into the real estate world. Not only were they very prominent at the NAR convention in New Orleans, but they have even made their way […]

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Tech Tip – Jan 2011 – Update Your Member Profile

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