Tech Tip

Tech Tip – Nov 2011

In light of the new Nevada hands-free cell phone law, we decided to bring to you the mother of all hands-free phone apps. Vlingo considers themselves “the future of virtual assistants.” We agree. This app, available for all smart phones, turns your phone into the perfect driving companion. It will […]

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Tech Tip – Oct 2011

Alright, you’ve broken down to peer pressure and created accounts on all the important social media sites, now what? That’s easy, you need a report card. Some way to find out if you’re being influential or if anyone is even listening. Solution? Klout takes all your social media site […]

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Tech Tip – Sept 2011

Google Places You’ve seen this red marker before. If you own a Google friendly Android, it may even be a pre-installed app on your phone. What is it? It’s the 21st centuries answer to the antiquated phone book. Make your business be known, make it a Google Place. It’s easy. […]

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Tech Tip – Aug 2011

Video is free and largely, an untapped market. Why not stand out from your competition? YouTube has 3 billion visitors a day and a large part of those visitors use it as their default search engine for information. Want to know how to knit or change the oil in your […]

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Tech Tip – June 2011

What does the Women’s Council’s new mobile app mean for you and your real estate business?It means the entire membership directory is conveniently available on your mobile device. It means free education tools, videos, how-to articles and more, right at your fingertips. You can even update your contact information and […]

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